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If you want to teach your students how to be good teachers, the first thing you need to do is to get their permission first.

This can be tricky, but it’s worth it, according to the College Board.

“Your cover letter is a statement of purpose, not a statement about your abilities, your strengths, your weaknesses, or anything else you think could be relevant to your teaching,” says college board spokeswoman Lauren Leggett.

“You don’t have to tell the students that you’re a ‘great teacher,’ but you should be clear about what it is you’re going to do with the information you have.

The students are going to have to answer those questions and make decisions about what they think is appropriate.”

And if you don’t know what the students think about your cover letter, you can ask them.

In fact, a cover letter doesn’t need to be anything more than a summary of the person you want your students to be.

“Students want to be able to see you are not just a teacher but also someone who has a strong desire to help them,” Leggitt says.

“A good cover letter can also be a powerful statement of what kind of person you are, so students want to see it as a statement not just of who you are but of who they are as a person.”

The cover letter should also be brief, as Leggott explains.

“If your cover letters are too long, you will end up being buried under the long list of topics and examples,” she says.

And students will be confused as to what the professor you’re covering actually says.

The first thing students need to consider is whether they need to know the teacher’s name, profession, or degree, Leggtt says.

If they do, it’s important to write the title of your cover note, followed by the person’s name.

Then, use the name of a person who knows the person well, Le,tt says, and give a brief description of the teaching skills that the person brings to the job.

“This will give students a sense of who the teacher is and what it’s like to be a teacher, and it will make it clear that you are really interested in the person,” Le,t says.

This is especially important when covering a teaching assistant position, because your cover is for a position in which you have to teach people in a certain way.

“The cover letter shouldn’t be a statement, but a summary and description of what you’re looking for,” Leigett says.

Leggets recommends that cover letters include a list of any specializations the teacher might have, along with any teaching experiences the teacher has.

For example, “You may want to include a letter of recommendation or an essay, a statement that your work has been accepted into an academic program, and a list or list of teaching assistantships.”

And don’t forget the title.

“It’s important for cover letters to be specific and concise,” Legett says, so that the students know what they’re getting into.

“Be specific and clear about how the professor is going to use your cover.”

And make sure to include the person who will be teaching the class.

If you need help getting a cover note written, the College Bar Association recommends writing it down before you go to class, but you can also email a cover notice to your professors.

It’s important, too, to have the cover letter in a high-school or college-level format.

“Cover letters should be written in high-quality typeface with clear margins and spacing,” says of the College of Education’s guidelines for writing cover letters.

“And, if the teacher you’re writing to is from another profession, use an alternative font, such as Verdana, or a different typeface, such the Courier font, or one with a smaller font size.”

(The College of Ed.)

Cover letter students can also use the cover note as a way to show the students how they can take on additional teaching responsibilities during their career, or during their time at the college or university.

But it’s also a great opportunity for you to share with them what you’ve learned, Lebergett says: “You’re trying to show that you have a passion for teaching and are willing to learn, that you value your students’ interests and their ability to learn.”

And the best way to make your cover seem professional, and to make it memorable?

“Create a beautiful cover letter with your own personal style,” Leagett says—which is the same as if you were writing a cover story for a magazine.

“Choose a style that makes it easy for your students, but also make sure that it’s appropriate for your field and the job,” she adds.

The College of Medicine, for example, is the only U.S. medical school with a cover-letter requirement.

Lebergetts says that when she’s writing a student’s cover letter for a medical position,

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