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The school district in Texas is looking to replace a teacher who was caught on camera trying to get a student to perform oral sex.

Kellie Dutton was suspended in August for two months after she allegedly asked a 15-year-old student to masturbate.

She resigned two weeks later, but the district says it needs to find a replacement teacher who is no longer on the clock.

Dutton is one of several teachers in the Dallas Public Schools district to face disciplinary action after being caught on video in the classroom.

The district says Dutton violated the district’s sexual harassment policy by contacting students in the presence of minors.

Dutton is no stranger to controversy.

She was the subject of a controversial PBS documentary about the Texas school system called The Next Generation.

The PBS series aired on PBS in February 2016.

The footage shows Dutton and another teacher in the same classroom talking about how they can “help” students with sexual harassment complaints.

Dorset allegedly told the boy that “boys are just like girls” and that “if you tell a girl, she’s going to get the wrong idea.”

She then asked the teen to perform on her with her hands.

The student then turned around and tried to leave, according to the video, and the teacher asked if he could “do it.”

She allegedly said, “Yeah, we’re just teachers, you’re not allowed to do that.”

Dutton has been the subject a number of times in the past, including one time in January when she was suspended after she reportedly tried to “punish” a student for calling her a “slut.”

The video surfaced during the investigation into a separate incident where a teacher allegedly tried to have a female student have sex with him.

Denton was hired by the district in February of 2016.

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