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Teach for Americans announced Monday that its 2016 employment statistics have climbed slightly, but the majority of jobs still require a bachelor’s degree.

The hiring numbers are up 35 percent over the same time last year.

For the year, the company added nearly 3.2 million positions.

In fact, the numbers for 2016 are so big that it has almost double the total number of full-time positions than at any point since 2009, when it began recruiting teachers.

Teach for AmeriCorps is hiring more teachers in the United States than it did in 2008, when the program was founded by the late Bob Jones, who founded the organization in 1961.

The growth in teacher positions is particularly striking considering that Teach for American’s 2016 hiring plan was to hire 10 percent more teachers than it currently has.

Teach For America President and CEO Michael H. O’Leary told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that the new numbers “absolutely” mark a “huge step forward” for the company.

TeachForAmerica has been criticized by some critics, including President Donald Trump, who has vowed to close the program.

But O’Brien told CNBC that the hiring of 10 percent fewer teachers in 2016 is the result of a concerted effort by the company to recruit the most qualified teachers possible.

He added that the number of openings this year is more than double the number last year and that it is possible that the increase in hiring is related to the rise in interest in Teach For American.

O-Leary added that this year’s numbers reflect a “complete shift” from the previous years of hiring.

The number of Teach For Americans teachers has more than tripled since 2010, from 534,000 to more than 785,000, according to the company’s data.

O`Leary noted that the vast majority of the openings were held by people with at least a bachelor degree.

However, Teach For AmeriCORps has made significant strides in the past several years, including creating new high school equivalency programs in the South and Midwest.

The company has also opened more than 4,300 training centers in states and cities throughout the country, and it has expanded its work force to meet a growing demand for its online courses and tutoring., the organization’s website, has nearly 4 million visitors per month, and O’Loughlin said the company is looking forward to the opportunities that will arise from the new workforce created by the hiring plan.

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