My Octopus Teache

By now, you may be familiar with this beautiful poem by the great Buddhist master, Bhikkhu Bodhi.

It is known as the Bhikkhus Heart of Wisdom. 

As the poem begins, it says: Bhikkhus, my heart is filled with compassion, compassion for all beings, compassion and wisdom. 

There are many good things in this world, and they are my joy, but I know that none of them are enough for me. 

Buddha says that there is a teacher who has been sitting in the Buddha’s presence all this time, and who has taught me all the good things that I know. 

“I am very happy to see the Buddha, to be able to see him,” he says.

“And it is with my heart that I am grateful to be in his presence.” 

“When we see him in a moment of suffering, we do not see the suffering, but a teacher, and when we see the teacher in a situation of suffering and a teacher in that situation, we are grateful to have that teacher.” 

Bodhi is describing a Buddhist teacher, but it is important to note that he is talking about a teacher of compassion. 

The Buddha is the Buddha of compassion, and he is also the teacher of wisdom, but not just wisdom.

The Buddha is also a teacher. 

When the Buddha is sitting, all he sees is compassion.

It may not seem like much, but the Buddha sees suffering and the teacher sees suffering. 

This is the teaching of compassion and the teaching that is known to be of the highest value to the Buddha. 

And what is the value of a teacher? 

The value of the Buddha and the value that a teacher brings to the teacher’s practice. 

In a sermon, a teacher can be described as a teacher that can guide a student to achieve what they need to achieve. 

A teacher can also be a teacher to those in the community who are not fully equipped to teach and who are struggling. 

But the teaching is most valuable to the student. 

They are not just learning a language, they are learning about compassion, about compassion for others. 

To be able a teacher is to be a part of the solution to the world’s problems. 

At the end of the sermon, the Buddha says, “The teacher that you have seen is a gift from me.

And the teacher who you do not know is a curse. 

You cannot teach compassion.” 

To the Buddha who has never been able to reach the teacher, the teaching can only be understood through the eyes of the teacher.

Buddhists teach through the heart. 

He is teaching through the teaching. 

That is the most powerful teaching.

The Teaching of the Heart By saying that the teaching has been given to you by the heart, by the wisdom of the heart and by the power of the wisdom, the Bhikkhuni says, I have come to the Teaching of Wisdom, and this is the Teaching that I teach: the Teaching about the Teaching.

The Teachings are the way of the Teacher. 

So, how does this relate to meditation? 

Meditation has been shown to be one of the most important things for us to learn, but in this context, I would argue that meditation is not simply a way of sitting. 

It is a way to practice with the eyes closed and the heart open. 

Meditating with the heart opens up the heart to the potential of what you are doing. 

Instead of seeing what is going on with your mind and heart, you are seeing what you have to see. 

Imagine the teacher sitting down next to you and saying to you, I am sitting here because I know you are feeling sad.

I am here because the teaching I am giving you is the Teacher’s teaching.

And what I want you to see is this, the teacher has taught you the teaching about the teaching, but he has not given you the heart of wisdom.

You are not there. 

I do not need to tell you that this is not the same as the teacher giving you the teacher that he has taught. 

What is the teacher?

He is the heart that is opened to you. 

Now, the heart is not just a place where you can sit and meditate, but is also your mind. 

If you do something that you think is wrong, you can see that it is not your mind that is being wrong, but you are thinking that you are wrong. 

How does this work in the context of meditation?

If you meditate with the mind and the mind is closed, you will see that there are not good things.

If you are going to meditate to try to get better, you should not meditate in a state of anxiety, or with thoughts that are going crazy.

You should meditate and try to just be relaxed

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