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A viral meme has been making the rounds on Twitter this week claiming that a teacher is earning $75 from Amazon Prime day coupon.

The meme begins with a screenshot of a post from the site of a “teacher from a rural Texas” claiming to be earning $7 per hour in her role as a “local” teacher.

The post then features the caption: “Theres an Amazon Prime coupon for you for just $75!”

The post was quickly picked up by Twitter users who shared the story, and the sentiment soon reached the mainstream.

Twitter users shared the post with the tag “#teacherpaid50” which led to a slew of responses from people who claim to have earned the teacher’s $75.

The hashtag #teacher paid50 was quickly created, with many of the tweets referencing the viral meme.

The image of the teacher with the $75 coupon on her Twitter profile was quickly followed by others claiming to have done the same.

The memes are a popular source of information on how to earn Amazon Prime benefits and have gained popularity in recent months.

A number of other posts on social media shared the meme claiming that the teacher earned a $50 salary, and others claimed that the student was getting $20 for his or her efforts.

A screenshot from the Amazon Prime ad for a “Local Teacher” article According to the posts on Twitter, the teacher earns $75 in her position as a local teacher in rural Texas, a position she is qualified to hold.

The employee was reportedly paid by the company for her work on Amazon Prime.

In one tweet, the employee posted the image of herself on Amazon’s website.

The post, which was shared by several people, claims that the local teacher earned $75 for her efforts and is currently working on Amazon and has “just got her $70 bill paid and shes looking forward to Christmas” and “theres no need for me to get any extra work”.

“Ive got a great job that I love and am so thankful to have, and Ive been teaching since I was 12 years old and I have been doing it my whole life,” the employee says in the post.

The employee then shares a picture of her Christmas tree in her Amazon Prime account.

A Facebook user also shared the photo, saying the employee earned $30 in her job as a teacher and was now “pushing for Christmas”.

The Facebook user wrote that the employee “has been a great teacher and a great customer for Amazon”.

“She has been amazing for us in our new school in Austin Texas and has been the perfect person to help us teach,” the Facebook user said.

The teacher in question, who is in her late 20s, was not identified by name, but the employee is quoted in the article as being in her mid 30s.

A Facebook user who goes by the name of “The Teacher Paid 50” said she did not earn the $25 salary, but rather “earned $75” on Amazon.

She posted on Facebook that the post has received hundreds of likes and shares.

Another Twitter user who has the username “The Boss Paid 50”, who is also in her 30s, said the employee made $40 per hour on Amazon, and she was not sure if she had actually earned that amount.

“I have been working for a company that is not only good at Amazon but I love it so much and I dont even want to talk about my job,” the person said.

“She did the best job that they could, she was the best, she deserves to be rewarded for what she has done.”

The person went on to say that she had “no idea” whether the employee had actually made more money than she did, and that she was “not sure how many times they [Amazon] have given me a discount” and how much they have actually offered to her.

Another post from The Teacher Paid50 claims that she received an Amazon gift card for $25.

The “teachable” account posted the same image as the original post, this time with the title: “My boss paid me $25 for the time I spent with her, shes my teacher.”

The “Teacher Paid 50,” who is known as The Boss Paid 25, also shared this image, claiming that she has been paid $10.

She wrote on Facebook: “I had a wonderful time at my new job and I cant believe how much I was paid.

I dont know how many hours I worked or what my bonus was, but I think it was $25 per hour, which is pretty damn good considering Ive only worked for them for two months.

I can tell you, my boss paid my teacher $25.””

I am thankful for all she did for us, I cant even begin to tell you how much she taught us,” the post reads.

A Twitter user claiming to work for a school that does not offer paid employment

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