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Parents are still learning the best way to dress their kids in their first months of life.

Parents are also still deciding which clothes will be appropriate for their child’s first days of school.

The Canadian Association of School Principals is launching a new survey this week that aims to gather some data on what’s best for the first days at school.

In an interview on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning, CASS president and CEO Julie Leduc said parents should be looking to the first month of school as a critical time for children to adjust to new surroundings and learn how to navigate new environments.

“It’s a good time for a child to be able to be exposed to a new environment, a new person, a different environment,” Leduc told host Susan MacKinnon.

“You’re going to need to be open-minded and have fun and have an open mind about what your child is going to do, and be very open-hearted.”

A recent survey by CASS, a national group of school resource officers, found that parents were divided about the best clothing to wear for the kids.

In one of the survey’s most recent reports, it found that while the majority of parents support using clothing that is appropriate for a toddler’s age and age group, only half of parents would consider wearing clothes that are appropriate for older children.

Leduc says parents should also be aware of the new dress code that was implemented in Ontario this year.

“There was a time when the majority [of parents] would not wear their children in certain ways and now we have to be aware that those times are over,” she said.

Lecedents group also says kids are more comfortable dressing differently at school, which makes sense, given that school is now part of their daily lives.

“Children are learning to wear a variety of different clothes.

And there’s a lot of different ways to do it,” she added.

“So we think it’s really important for parents to be thoughtful and understand the differences.”

The CASS survey, which was conducted online in September, found parents are more likely to say they’d rather have a child who wears their own clothing rather than the kids’, and more likely still to say their children are comfortable wearing their own clothes than wearing clothing that matches the other children’s.

“Parents are more willing to let their kids wear their own things, but they’re also willing to help the kids do the same,” said Leduc.

“The parents who say they’re more open to letting the kids wear what they want are actually more accepting of what the kids are doing.”

It also found that almost half of respondents said they would allow their kids to wear whatever they wanted.

Ledders group recommends that parents make their children wear whatever is appropriate to them, even if that means they wear clothing that doesn’t match the other kids.

“We recommend that parents should try to make sure that their children know that their kids will have different clothing to them than the other kid’s,” said the CASS chief executive.

“That way the kids will feel comfortable being their own person.”

Leduc also says that the kids can have their own style, and that this is important for them to be happy.

“They will be happy with their own personal style, whether it’s dressing up as their favourite character or playing in a costume or whatever it is they want to do,” she explained.

“If it’s not comfortable, they can be their own child, and they can do it.”

The survey also found parents don’t necessarily want their kids wearing the same clothes every day.

“When you’re the parent of a young child, it’s a time to learn what they like, what they don’t like, and then what they do and why,” said Ms. Laddens group.

“And it’s also important that the parent don’t get discouraged, because the parent is always there to support.”

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