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A teacher in Israel has told a 15-year-old student that kissing his butt is an acceptable way of getting a grade, a move that drew the ire of a parent.

The incident occurred at a school in the northern city of Kfar Saba, and the teacher’s actions have sparked a public outcry.

The teenager, whose identity is being withheld by the school, told the teacher that kissing him “was wrong, so I told him that kissing me on the butt is better.”

The teacher, who is employed by the education department, then began to kiss him on the cheek and forehead and then told him to “kiss my ass.”

The boy’s father, who also spoke with the newspaper, said he was angry when he heard about the teacher and that he felt humiliated by the teacher.

“I was very upset,” he told Israel Radio, adding that the teacher should be fired.

“We have a law against touching the genitals of teachers and that does not exist.

If they [the teacher] do it, they should be punished, but not by me,” the father said.

The school has since announced a new policy, saying that kissing the buttocks is a form of touching a teacher’s genitals.

“In the context of the new policy regarding touching the buttocks, it was agreed that touching the teacher buttocks would be a non-trivial offense, and teachers will be referred to the Ethics Committee and may be suspended,” the school’s official website said.

“It is not our policy to touch teachers’ genitals.

Teachers have the right to kiss their students.”

The school district is also investigating the incident, but no charges have been filed.

“The parents were very upset, especially because the teacher didn’t touch my son, but instead kissed him on his cheek and the forehead,” said the father, adding he was still angry at the teacher for touching him.

The teacher was not immediately available for comment.

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