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A teacher has been fired after making comments about the condition of a child with autism.

A video posted on YouTube shows the teacher, who is not named in the video, making the comments about a 15-year-old student.

“I was thinking that the teacher is autistic,” he says in the clip.

“That was not the case.”

The teacher says the child was “not as good” as other children in the classroom, and says the boy’s teacher’s behavior is “very, very inappropriate”.

The video has been viewed more than 50,000 times.

The video of the teacher’s comments was removed from YouTube by the company on Thursday, but has been shared on social media.

The teacher has since been sacked by the school district, according to the New York Times.

The teacher made the comments while working with the child.

The district, however, did not offer any formal comment on the teacher.

New York City’s Department of Education said it is reviewing the incident and will take “appropriate action”.

“We take seriously allegations of misconduct by all our staff, and we will fully investigate any and all allegations of wrongdoing,” a spokesperson told the New Yorker.

Teachers with special needs may be subject to special education protections if they meet certain requirements, according a spokeswoman for the Department of Special Education.

Some parents have taken to social media to express their anger at the teacher for making such remarks.

“He made the comment because he was afraid the child would say something bad about him,” said a mother on Twitter.

“So he felt like he could get away with it because he’s an educator,” said another.

“He’s just a teacher and shouldnt be making these comments,” said one mother.

An employee with the district said the district was “looking into” the incident.

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