My Octopus Teache

When you’re in a crowded classroom, the only thing more fun than watching your students laugh is laughing at themselves.

But you’ll probably never see it in your Twitter feed.

The memes are the brainchild of the National Center for Arts Education and have been a favorite of some of the school’s teachers, said Kathy M. Mazzola, director of the center.

They’re often seen on social media posts about school activities, such as the one posted by former Georgia Tech President Mark Schlissel, who recently left for the White House.

“They’re fun and they’re silly,” Mazzara said.

But for others, it can be even more harmful than just making fun of themselves.

“I’ve seen it from teachers that have a lot of time to be focused on the material and are trying to stay on task,” Mizzana said.

The National Center’s Mazzolan said there are also times when a teacher may want to create a new meme.

But “teachers need to be conscious of how they use their social media, because the meme is a tool that can get you into trouble.”

Teachers also have a responsibility to keep their students safe and aware of the dangers of their actions, Mazzana said, because if the school is not careful, a student could end up with an injury or even die.

Students are usually more vigilant about how their classmates use their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

And in the past, some students have taken to posting pictures of themselves with their teachers to encourage others to share their photos and messages, Mizzanasaid.

But even if you don’t follow the guidelines, you’re still expected to take care of yourself, Mitza said.

“If you’re going to use the internet to create or share a meme, be aware that it’s a dangerous activity,” she said.

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