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title ‘I think my mum is the most important person in my life’: ‘A bit like a godmother’ article I’m sure you’re thinking that a lot of teachers say this, but they aren’t always right.

Here are five quotes from teachers from all over the world, from the United States, Germany, Ireland, Australia and around the globe.

quote: “A lot of my friends say the same thing: ‘When I’m a teacher, I think my mother is the one who’s important in my world.’

That’s what I think, but it’s not really true.”

– David A. Dorn, a former school teacher in Australia who now teaches English at an inner-city boarding school in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

quote : “I’m a mum.

I’m the most supportive, most loving and most caring person you’ll ever meet.

And if I’m teaching a lesson and I can’t do it, I don’t give a fuck.”

– Aisha Rizvi, a Pakistani teacher from the country’s capital Islamabad, who works at a high school in Lahore, Pakistan.

quote  “I think that teaching is my mother’s job.

I love it.

I just want to be able to be with her, and she’ll be the one to tell me when I can leave and come back.”

– Shazia Hasan, a British teacher from Liverpool, who taught at a primary school in Birmingham, England.

quote The teacher who used to write his own inspirational quotes and inspirational poems for schoolchildren: “I don’t need to be the person who’s going to inspire other people to do the same things, but the way I’m going to be inspiring others to do those things is by having a clear plan.

A good plan is one where you have a list of things you need to achieve, and what you want to achieve.”

– Dr. H.E. Siddiqui, a medical doctor in New Delhi, India.

quote “My mother taught me to think and talk and write.

If she was in a room with me, I could be the teacher.”

– Rishi Bhagat, a teacher in New York City.

quote A teacher from Sri Lanka who is an assistant professor at a university: “When you work with kids, you have to be flexible and adapt to the way they are.

You have to make the decision.

They will be a bit different from you.

You must make the choice, and be flexible in what you say, how you act and what actions you take.

I have learnt that teaching and learning is very much a gift from my mother.

I feel very grateful that she taught me so much.”

– L.P. Singh, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who teaches English.

quote An inspirational teacher from India who taught the local children in the town of Amravati in Bihar, India: “It is not possible for me to explain what a great teacher I am, but I do know what an incredible human being my mother was.

I would like to thank her for teaching me so many things.

I cannot express how much I appreciate her.”

– Gaurav Kumar Gupta, an award-winning journalist from Mumbai, India who teaches children from a local school.

quote”When I am teaching, I do not think of myself as a teacher.

I think about the students and their development.”

– Nisha Sharma, a school teacher from Uttar Pradesh, India, who also teaches at a secondary school.

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