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A cultural sensitivity course for parents can help parents avoid getting their children into trouble with the law, according to a new study.

A series of training sessions for teachers and school administrators can also help them to better teach the basic civics concepts.

The American Civil Liberties Union found that using cultural sensitivity in school materials helped parents and students avoid legal problems, including arrests and fines.

The training, known as CSAFT, was developed by the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) and is aimed at helping teachers and principals improve their social, emotional and academic skills.

CSAft is offered at over 1,000 schools nationwide and was developed as part of a program aimed at addressing issues of school violence.

Parents who want to enroll their children in CSAfT are given a curriculum card, which is stamped with a QR code, which can be scanned by a computer or phone app to download a free lesson plan, the ACLU report states.

The card will provide the school with a list of lessons and teach them the basics of civics, such as when to say a word and how to write down answers.

After that, the parents can take the cards to the school’s administration, which will then teach the lessons to their children.

“I think it’s an incredibly effective way to teach kids about the law,” said David Schmitt, senior policy director at the ACLU.

“Parents are often reluctant to speak up, so this really gives them the tools to do that.”

Schools can use the CSAffT curriculum as an incentive to hire more teachers and promote better civics skills, said Amy Spence, a professor of education at Rutgers University who studies the effects of language-based teaching.

But the training isn’t meant to be used as a punishment for bad behavior, she said.

Rather, it’s meant to help principals and teachers develop better civically-oriented practices.

“It’s a teaching tool,” Spence said.

“But it’s also a way to encourage the kind of culture change that is necessary to improve the skills that students need in their civics learning.”

The CSAttT curriculum was developed after the American Bar Association and other civil rights organizations recommended it.

The ACLU study found that teachers who used the Csaft curriculum in school were able to improve their civic-oriented teaching and conduct by using it in the context of social and emotional challenges, such a as when teaching children to use the Internet.

CsaffT also has a positive effect on students, according the ACLU study.

When teachers use the curriculum, they can better understand how to teach the concepts of common law, as well as how to handle difficult situations and the importance of keeping track of personal information, such in school and at home, Spence told ABC News.

She also said teachers can be more aware of the importance and the role of their words and behaviors, as they are interacting with students.

The CsafterttT has also been shown to be effective at helping schools change their behavior, according a study by the University of Michigan’s School of Education.

That study found the CCAffT program improved the academic outcomes of students and parents, including students who participated in the program.

The report found that students who took part in the CFAttT were able also to learn about how to interact with other students, as opposed to the “typical” scenario of a school teacher saying, “Hey, do you have an ID?”

The students were also more likely to stay enrolled in classes and learn about the school and its goals.

Students who took the CAAffT were also able to show higher achievement scores, which the report said indicates “positive social influence.”

Students who were in the group also had higher self-esteem, the report found.

The study, published in the Journal of Social Issues, said that while it’s not yet clear whether CSAfffT was effective in preventing the rise in violent crime rates, the findings suggest it could be an effective tool for reducing violence in schools.

Spence also said the CTAffT could be helpful in helping schools “change the social climate, and to do so, by addressing the underlying issues that cause students to engage in violent behavior.”

“There are two key components to what we see here: First, we see the positive effects of the program, and secondly, we also see the negative effects,” she said, referring to students who were exposed to the training.

“The positive effects are the teachers, who are able to better understand the problems of students, and that they can also teach those students about the legal concepts that they need to understand.

The negative effects are what we have seen, which are the students who are disengaged from the school, and the students that are disengaging because of the issues that we have identified.”

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