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In a country where nearly a quarter of all teachers are women, it is becoming increasingly difficult for educators to remain relevant to the public.

Many have had their teaching positions taken by other states and cities, as a result of the so-called “sex ed” bill passed by the legislature.

And many educators are concerned that the bill will restrict the ability of sex ed teachers to teach students about consent, gender identity and consent.

In the meantime, sex ed students are being taught about safe sex and healthy relationships in a way that makes them more vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and violence.

A sex education program that’s been in existence since the 1990s at a high school in San Francisco has not seen the kind of success it was hoping for.

The program, called The Sex Education Coalition, provides a variety of sex education resources to students.

The Coalition was founded in 1990 by a group of sex educators, including former San Francisco teacher Carol Darden, and is supported by the San Francisco-based California Family Policy Council, the state’s largest pro-family advocacy group.

The coalition has grown to include educators in every state, and the state of California has given it permission to operate its sex ed programs.

But after it was founded, the Coalition’s program had problems with its curriculum and its curriculum was poorly designed, according to its website.

At one point, The Sex Educators Project, a non-profit group that runs the curriculum, said it could not find enough teachers to fill positions.

The sex ed curriculum was being taught by a former San Franciscan teacher who was teaching a sex education class, according the Coalition.

In 2016, the San Jose Mercury News reported that The Sex Ed Coalition had closed down after learning that it was being forced to pay $7.7 million in fees to fund its programs.

The California Family Pro-Family Alliance, a national pro-life group, called the closure of The Sex ed Coalition a betrayal of its mission.

The bill passed the state legislature in January and is scheduled to be signed into law this month.

But it will be up to the new administration, Gov.

Gavin Newsom, to decide whether or not the legislation is going to be enforced.

Newsom said he would not comment on the legislation.

He said that he supported the new law.

“It’s going to make a lot of teachers extremely nervous,” Newsom told the Mercury News.

“I know that many of them are worried about their jobs.”

He added, “We will do what’s right for the students and the families, and that’s why I support the bill.”

As of January 2018, more than 300 sex ed courses were taught in California, according a news release from the coalition.

That number includes more than 700 that were taught by teachers who were not currently working in the sex ed field.

The Sex Engagement and Relationship Education Program is not part of the Coalition and is run by the California Department of Public Health.

It offers two types of courses: one for young people ages 12 to 17, and another for middle school and high school students.

Each one has a different curriculum.

For the 12-year-old curriculum, there is a lesson on sexual and relationship topics.

The 12-to-17 curriculum has a lesson that deals with sex, attraction, and gender.

The 10-to 11-year course covers HIV, STDs and other health topics.

For middle school, there are a lot more abstinence-based topics, but the 12 to 13-year curriculum includes the topic of consent.

And the 10- to 11-grade course focuses on sexual health, including the relationship between consent and safe sex.

“This is the first time we’ve been able to say, ‘Wait a minute, there’s no curriculum in the district,’ ” said Megan Rucker, the coordinator of the Sex Education Program at the San Diego Unified School District.

The state’s Sex Education Act is intended to help schools develop safe learning environments, which are generally defined as safe, nurturing environments for all students and staff.

The Act was signed into legislation in 2014 and allows sex ed educators to teach courses that are not covered by their local curriculum.

But the law has not been enforced, and sex ed classes that have been taught in the past have been subject to lawsuits.

“A lot of the time they were trying to get rid of the curriculum,” said Rucker.

The legislation was initially passed in response to a wave of violence against women, and sexual violence and sexual harassment that were prevalent in the school system in the early 1990s, according of a report published by the advocacy group Protect Our Children.

The San Francisco Bay Area is the nation’s most violent city, according an analysis by the U.S. Department of Education.

A 2013 report from the University of California, Berkeley, found that “there was a steep increase in reported assaults and rapes against female students” in the Bay Area in the 1980s.

The Berkeley researchers found that nearly three-quarters of the cases involved

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