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Posted February 18, 2018 11:14:12The award-winning Japanese anime teacher and the creator of the popular Matilda television anime is getting a lot of respect in Japan, where she is widely recognized as an educator.

Matilda teacher is a Japanese-born, American-trained Japanese-American, and former math teacher who was born in Los Angeles and raised in Seattle, Washington.

Her name is Matilda Takahashi, and she has been teaching Japanese since she was a little girl.

The award, given to Japanese-speaking teachers and creators, was presented to her by a group of Japanese and American educators in Tokyo on Tuesday.

They described her as an outstanding educator who has been recognized for her teaching, and praised her for developing the Matilda anime series and teaching it to audiences worldwide.

“She’s a great teacher, and her students are learning Japanese,” said Takahashis partner, former teacher at the University of Washington, Daniela Sato.

“They’re learning in English and English is the language of the people who are speaking Japanese.”

The group of educators from universities, schools, and other institutions praised her leadership and the educational efforts she has put into Matilda, which is being translated into several languages and is also being released on DVD and Blu-ray.

“This award is really a recognition of Matilda’s teaching,” Sato said.

“I think she has taught a lot, and the audience is learning English and Japanese.

I think she’s a very good teacher.”

In addition to her English teaching, Takahas teaching style is to teach in English as well as Japanese.

“It’s hard to explain it, but she does Japanese, and we teach in both,” Satsa said.

The matilda teacher’s English-to-Japanese language translation was one of the first in her career, she said.

She has also translated other Japanese-language manga, including one about a boy and a girl who get married, and an anime based on a series of short stories by Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Satsa described her teaching style as “fun,” and said that her students have been able to pick up on a lot about Japan in the show.

“We can look at it as a Japanese version of English,” she said, “and a little bit of English in the way of humor, and things that they can do in Japanese.”

Matilda Teacher is also known for her work with children and youth.

She has been an educator for more than 20 years, and said she was born into the Japanese-Korean family and that her family has been doing well financially.

She was the first Asian-American teacher in the United States.

“I’ve taught for a long time, and I’ve been teaching for 30 years, but I didn’t get that opportunity because my parents were not successful in the business world,” she explained.

“My family is not successful, and my parents are not successful because they didn’t have enough money.”

Satsas parents, who are in their 80s, were able to find a job in Japan when she was still a child, and they worked with Matilda teacher.

She says that they are proud of her work.

“They don’t understand what I’m trying to do, but they really like it,” she told the group of English-speaking educators.

“We can work together, we can help each other out.”

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