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In an effort to improve on the user experience of the popular streaming app, Netflix announced today it’s bringing a new feature to the app, the ability to stream anime with a laptop.

In the past, users would need to manually switch between devices or connect multiple devices.

Netflix has now added an additional option to its app that allows users to select a laptop to watch on, which Netflix says will allow users to watch a full series of a specific anime with just one device.

Netflix says it will also allow users in the U.S. to stream AnimeWorks in HD in the future, but this is not yet available.

Users can now choose a desktop computer as the streaming device for AnimeWorks.

To do this, users need to create an account on the Netflix app and log into the Netflix account.

Once logged in, they’ll be presented with a new menu that allows them to choose to start AnimeWorks with their existing Netflix account, or use a new one that Netflix has developed.

The new interface includes a new button in the menu, the “Start Anime Works” button, that lets users choose to watch the anime on their laptop.

The button appears to indicate that AnimeWorks will be started on a laptop, but the feature is currently disabled in the Netflix desktop app.

Users will be able to watch AnimeWorks on their desktop computer if they so choose.

Users who opt to start watching AnimeWorks over their desktop can also choose to view the anime in a “HD mode,” which is the most common type of stream on the streaming app.

This mode will be shown on the right side of the screen when users select “start Anime Works,” with the rest of the menu available in the bottom left corner of the main menu.

The button at the top of the anime stream bar indicates that Animeworks will begin in “HD” mode when users choose it.

Users in Japan can stream Anime Works in HD by logging in with the account they currently have on Netflix.

Users in other regions can also use this account to stream the anime, but users in Japan and other countries that don’t have access to Netflix’s online video streaming service will need to sign in with an existing account to do so.

Users on Netflix in the US can stream anime on a desktop PC using an existing Netflix Account or a Netflix VPN account.

Users outside of the U., U.K. and Canada can stream their anime on other services, such as Hulu Plus or Netflix Instant.

Users can also browse through anime in the Japanese language on YouTube or on Netflix’s website.

Netflix also announced today that it will soon be launching a new mobile app called AnimeWorks Mobile, which will allow viewers to watch Japanese anime with their phones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

The app will be available in both the US and Canada, and Netflix says that it plans to launch the app in early 2019.

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