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Have you been looking for a job?

We’ve got the answers.

The Alabama Department of Education recently released a job search tool that helps students find out what kinds of jobs are available in their state.

The Alabama Career Builder app is a mobile app that lets students search for jobs in their area.

The app uses Google Maps and lets users upload a resume and cover letter and the app sends a link to the job site.

The app also shows the average salary and hours worked.

The jobs that are listed in the app vary widely.

The top 10 most popular jobs listed on the Alabama CareerBuilder app are:Teaching assistants in the field of education.

Teaching instructors.

Teachers in preschool and secondary schools.

Teacher assistants.

Teach assistants in teaching, education, and related professions.

Teached assistants in school systems.

Teaches in high school.

Teachable assistants in private schools.

Educational assistants.

The most popular job listed in Alabama is in nursing.

There are more than 200,000 nursing jobs in the state, but only 2,600 positions are listed for teaching assistants.

The highest paid job listed for teachers is assistant in a public or private school.

The highest paid jobs for teaching aides are in teaching programs at elementary, middle and high school levels.

The state pays its teachers $42,000 a year.

Television and radio station producers.


Te-Learning professionals.


Telemap makers.

Software engineers.

Teams of social scientists.

Teresa and Michael Biederman, a family business in Birmingham, were among the first to offer teaching assistants in Alabama.

They have since expanded to offer other types of positions, including nurses and social workers.

They said their app is helping students find jobs.

“This app is the most useful tool that we have for people looking to get an education,” Teresa Biedeman said.

“I’ve had students from all over the world ask me, ‘When can we go teach?

How long is it going to take?’

They really appreciate the information that we provide.

It’s very important.”

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