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The teacher who recently submitted an application to the California Department of Education (CalED) to become a preschool teacher in San Diego is a mother of four, writes Jennifer B. Hagerty.

The application was approved in March, and she is now the third preschool teacher hired in California in the last few months.

Hagers resume, in many ways, is much like her mother’s.

Her resume features the same resume image and resume layout.

It’s just a little bit more legible and streamlined, but the resume is also filled with useful information, like her current classroom, teacher, and school district.

Hagan’s resume also includes a few personal information that makes her a little more accessible to employers, including her home address and her email address.

And, because Hagan is a new teacher, she’s only been hired for a few weeks.

Hagin’s resume has become the subject of a lively discussion on the CalED’s blog, where it has been widely shared on social media.

CalED President and CEO Mary Ann Loh said in a statement that she was pleased that Hagan “has become a more engaging and engaging educator, as evidenced by the positive feedback that she has received.”

The announcement about Hagan follows a similar story from another preschool teacher who was recently hired.

In April, a teacher at a preschool in San Francisco submitted a resume with a similar resume layout, but Hagan has received more positive feedback than her former teacher.

“My resume is a little less boring, but I’ve got a lot more of the things that people love about me,” Hagan told KGO-TV.

She also has a resume that is more in line with the standards of other preschool teachers in her area.

“I’ve got to tell you, I’m very impressed with the response, and I’ve been in this field for years and years and it’s really interesting to see how many people really like that I’m a little girl and I’m just a girl,” Hagery told The Daily Beast.

“And they really like the fact that I can’t go back to being a man, that I’ve had to come up with a new job, that my work is not only being valued, but that I have this new identity.”

Hagan will likely begin working at the preschool in June.

The department also recently announced it would be adding more preschool teachers to its roster, with the goal of hiring 100 new teachers this year.

And it’s not just new hires that are excited about the prospects of new jobs at preschools.

“There are a lot of other young people who are excited and motivated by the prospect of a career in preschool, and they’re also really looking forward to the opportunity to learn and get a good education,” Loh told KFIU.

“This is just the start of a really exciting new career path that they’re excited about.”

Hager, who is a former elementary school teacher, said she was thrilled to be able to start working with her preschoolers at the beginning of her new job.

“It’s exciting, because I can actually interact with these young kids,” Hagers mother, Heather, told KFSN.

“They’re really curious about everything and are really excited about learning.”

But, as Hager said, “it’s not going to be like, ‘Oh, you’re a little boy now, so you’ve got your own little life.'”

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