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Teachers are among those who are receiving the most supportive support from Canadian Council for Teachers, which has released its list of the top 100 teachers across the country.

The CCT survey, released Wednesday, shows the survey of more than 1,300 Canadian teachers reveals that many teachers are struggling financially and facing difficult choices to improve their teaching.

Of the top 10 teachers on the list, 10 are new hires.

The survey shows a steady rise in the number of new hires over the last year.

The most recent wave of new hire hires included new hires from other provinces and territories.

The report shows a decline in the percentage of new teachers that are full-time.

Overall, the CCT says, teachers in Ontario and Quebec are doing well, with some new hires, but most are part-time, part-year teachers.

Among the provinces and territorial surveys released Wednesday are data from Statistics Canada, the Canadian Association of School Administrators, the Association of Canadian Teachers and the Association for Canadian Education.

The survey of 1,200 teachers was conducted last spring, and is the second part of a three-year survey of all 1,500 educators across the province.

Statistics Canada says it is the largest survey of teachers across Canada.

“I am proud that these are the top ten teachers who are getting support from our membership,” said CCT president Richard L. Bowney.

“I think they represent the highest levels of support from a large proportion of our members.”

In its report, the council says teachers who have been in the profession for a while have a lower likelihood of being under the care of an outside organization.

“The average teacher in our survey is under 24 years of age, and most teachers are under the age of 24,” said Bowny.

“It is very clear that a large portion of our membership are very supportive of the current situation of teachers.”

A spokesperson for the CFTE said it supports the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, which is responsible for supporting and organizing the CPT survey.

“In fact, our members are the ones who make the decisions about which teachers get support,” said spokesperson Lisa G. Haines.

“The CFTEE is very pleased to have these numbers.

The CCT Survey of Teachers has been in existence for a number of years and we are very pleased that we have now finally received the data and a detailed breakdown of the support for our members.

The vast majority of our member support is from our members themselves and is in line with what our members tell us is the best way to support them.”

Haines said the CTT survey is a reflection of the need to support teachers in their time of need, and that some teachers who were recently laid off may be eligible for support under the Ontario Teachers’ Union Pension Plan.

“This is not about any one particular individual or any particular union,” said Hainess.

“We all have the same basic needs as our members, and we all have a common mission, and this is our common mission.

It’s about the needs of our schools, the needs the community and we have to support each other in that.

That’s the message from the CTA.”

In addition to the survey, the report also reveals that the number and quality of classroom staff in the country has dropped significantly in the last decade.

According to the CTC survey, nearly 30 per cent of all Canadian teachers are non-professionals and the number is expected to decline further in the next decade.

“We know that our members in all 50 provinces and the territories are working harder than ever to make our schools better places to learn, but they also know that the most effective teachers in those schools are in the classroom,” said Gains.

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