My Octopus Teache

The teacher who’s helping your octopus to learn better is not a traditional teacher.

Rather, she’s an expert at helping her octopus get to know her by giving it a personalized message that makes it feel valued.

This approach works wonders when it comes to learning a new skill, says Kristin N. Zilker, a professor of education at Indiana University who studies communication and communication-related skills in students.

“Octopuses are really good at listening and learning,” she says.

“If they’re learning to use their hands, their eyes, they’re really good about that.

They’re good at recognizing their surroundings.

They understand the difference between a text message and a phone call.

They recognize when they’ve got a phone conversation going on and they’re listening.”

For example, she says, a person who’s not very social could get overwhelmed by a teacher who is.

“They’re very busy and they want to listen,” Zilk says.

“But they might be so overwhelmed that they don’t want to take that risk.”

In fact, Octopuses love a little attention from a teacher.

They love to be watched, and they can’t wait to see what the next teacher has to say.

“When I teach them something, they like it a lot,” she adds.

When your octopuses need a little help, you might consider a video lesson, a video book, or a video app.

And you might want to get your octopic to read a book.

“The most important thing is, I want to teach them what I’ve learned,” says Zilko.

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